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Each year Blue Moose Pizza and Group970 choose a cause to donate to, and you get to help! We're donating a dollar for every margherita pizza sold between 7/1/2023 and 6/31/2024 to help our good buddy, Chase Wilcox, offset his medical expenses. Chase worked with us from 1998 - 2004, and you can read more on Chase and his story below.

Chase's Story

In 2016, Chase began his saga with knee surgeries. In mid-2016 he had undergone double partial knee replacement surgeries that ended up failing him in early 2018. Since then Chase has been battling more surgeries, experimental treatments, infections, and endless pain. In June of 2023 the last option to save Chase's life was to amputate his leg. Now Chase has to learn how to re-learn how to do all the things we take for granted - walking, balancing, bending over without falling - as well as try to heal mentally. With the many surgeries, hospital and doctors' visits, physical therapy, etc., the medical bills have started to pile up for the Wilcox's, which is why we want to help out any way we can! 

Interested in donating directly? Follow the link to the GoFundMe that has been set up for Chase's family.

Fundraiser for Chase Wilcox by Rick Springer : Chase: Amputation, let's help save their home! (


Below is a beautiful letter that Chase's wife wrote to Chase from Chase's leg.

It's not you, it's me...

We were born together, I was there when you learned to crawl, when you learned to walk.

We learned to ride a bicycle together, swim together, ride a motorcycle, paddle board, scuba dive, budgie jump from a crane, wade through the Rio Grande, and countless more amazing adventures

I have seen you at your best and your worst.

I have laughed with you and cried with you.

I sat in an alley with you, praying for a sign.

I walked down the aisle with you and your wife.

I helped you teach your daughter to become a skilled tumbler.

I have been with you during every step.

From a boy, into a man, into a husband, into a daddy.

Striving my very best to be stable for you, for you to lean on me with confidence.

With you, I have experienced a rewarding and fulfilling life.

However, I have become increasingly ill during the past several years.

You have done your best to help me become healthy again.

For which I'm eternally grateful and I will forever cherish our life together.


I regret the excruciating pain, heartache, and financial strain I have caused you.

I regret not being strong enough to keep us together.

And, thus...

With heavy sorrow, we must part ways.


I'm truly joyful for you and your new cool bionic leg.

Like us, you two will also create wonderful and adventurous memories together.

I hope you always remember me fondly, as during my earlier years.

Love Always, Your Left Leg.

P.S. Please, let your wife and daughter know I'm thankful for their compassion.

Chase Truck.jpg

Chase Wilcox

Another way to support Chase's cause is through his art. 

Chase has always had a passion for art, and now to help offset medical expenses has been selling what he's been creating.

Click the link below to take a look at Chase's art.

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